Well Child Visits

Well Child Appointment Schedule:
Agenda de Citas de Niño Bien:

2 Months/2 Meses
4 Months/4 Meses
6 Months/6 Meses
9 Months/9 Meses
12 Months/12 Meses
15 Months/ 15 Meses
18 Months/18 Meses
24 Months (2 Years)/24 Meses (2 Años)
30 Months (2 1/2 Years)/30 Meses (2 1/2 Años)
3 Years/3 Años
4 Years/4 Años
5 Years/5 Años
6 Years/6 Años

AHCCCS insurance plans require yearly well child visits to continue; however, most other plans allow for well child visits every two years. Please check with your insurance provider about their specific requirements.

For children with ongoing medical problems (asthma for example), or who are participating in sports should continue annual visits.

If your child is over 8 years old and coming in for a check up or a camp physical, please bring along a pair of gym shorts and loose-fitting tee shirt for him or her to wear for the exam. Thanks!

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